Abstract Art Painting by Cristina White-Jones

Cristina White-Jones

Abstract Art Painting by Cristina White-Jones
Abstract Artist: Cristina White-Jones
Medium: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Paper, Ink, Pastels
Website: www.cristinawhitejones.artistrunwebsite.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/ctwhiteartist

My artwork has always been, or for at least the last 12 years or so, been about experimentation with untraditional methods of painting and drawing. I’m influenced and inspired by everything around me, especially nature and color. Color and texture play a huge role in my work. I work with several different types of media, and love to experiment with “nontraditional” ways of layering and laying down the paint. In the end, whatever it is that I’m working on has to be about getting the colors and texture right, and creating an overall balanced feel throughout the piece.

Cristina White-Jones was born and raised in Austin, Tx, and has been painting pretty much her entire life. Cristina received a BFA with an emphasis in painting from Southwest Texas State University in 2003. She has shown work all over the state including, Corpus Christi, Austin, and Ft. Worth. Cristina is a member of Kspace Contemporary in Corpus Christi, Tx and also a part of the RAW artist organization.

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