Abstract Art Painting by Abstract Artist Craig Peck

Craig Peck

Artist: Craig Peck
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.wix.com/peckasso/dr_cp

Being relatively new at painting (and self-taught at that), I find it meaningless to pontificate about what I do. Basically, each of my pieces tell a story, but although I have initiated the basic plan thereof in visual form, the details, plot and conclusion are left up to the viewer to decide for them self and in so doing, take my story as far as their imagination permits. My role in this process can therefore be described as a catalyst or go-between, which suits my personality type perfectly. I am fascinated with texture and creating art with a sense of tactility, enhances depth perception and emphasizes vital features of my “story”, so that many of my paintings are in mixed-medium, using acrylic mainly. A quote which I feel is very true and applicable to my style is: “There is no abstract art. You must always start with something. Afterward you can remove all traces of reality.” – Pablo Picasso

Craig is a self-taught abstract artist and pretty “green” at that, only painting seriously for only about 3 years now. This much needed escapism allows this “romantic academic” to pursue his more creative side,which he discovered while taking an hiatus from the routine of day to day work. Craig’s academic success are as diverse as the art which he creates, holding Degree’s in Dental Surgery, Psychology and Medical Virology/Medical Physiology with several certifications in facial cosmetic procedures. His art works synergistically with his professional life, by enhancing the attention the detail and sharpening his aesthetic eye. A good deal of Craig’s stable upbringing, need for routine and structure and logical approach to life is evident within his work, as is his more daring and adventurous side which has certainly been stimulated since finding this new passion.


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