Abstract Artists Bregje Horsten

Bregje Horsten

Abstract Artist: Bregje Horsten
Medium: Oil
Website: www.bregjehorsten.com

Some wisdom is unspoken but strongly felt, not ignored but lost in a language of signs. Seen by those who give it attention.

Bregje Horsten graduated in 2004 at the Art Academy St. Joost in Breda. In 2007 she graduated Summa Cum Laude at the Art Academy of Tilburg. Bregje is a 30 year old Dutch artist with a contemporary abstract expressive style. Combining the ‘old world’ with the ‘new’. Bregje uses the same exceptional paints and pigments as did the old Dutch Masters. In a complex style that is rarely practiced anymore; much layers and great depth make her work unique and genuine. In 2008 Bregje started her own art studio in Berkel-Enschot. She currently has a variety of expositions in galleries throughout the Netherlands. Her paintings are in private as well as in business

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