Abstract Art Barbara Brady

Barbara Brady

Abstract Artist: Barbara Brady
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.barbarasabstracts.com

Each of my abstract paintings reflect a dance of color and celebration on canvas. The music of Cesaria Evora, The Gipsy Kings, Bossa Nova, the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack and others fuel my abstract art through love and aliveness transferred to acrylic paints on canvas. My abstract painting method includes letting go and allowing the paint and music to lead, dancing the paint onto canvas. I follow the flow and feeling of the painting each moment, without planning the final result, trusting that what appears in each abstract painting is what’s meant to. My desire is for those who view my abstract paintings to feel free, delighted and inspired.

Barbara is an Asheville, NC artist who feels her way into painting, and experiences it as a dance of color on canvas. Her artistic expression started at the age of six, making homemade Birthday and Father’s Day cards for her Dad which continue to this day. As an adult, she found herself inspired by abstract art, including Kandinsky, feeling freedom and excitement induced by imagery and color that has no real definition. Years of travel and living in various places in the states and overseas alerted her to the vast contrast of color inherent in landscapes and cultures. She fell in love with the vibrant colors of Nepal and cheerful colors of South Beach, Florida and California. After moving to Asheville in 2002, Barbara’s interest in art grew through taking courses in Multimedia Art and Abstract Art at AB Tech. Inspired by watching Jonas Gerard paint live (Abstract painter residing in Asheville), Barbara started painting regularly in the spring of 2009. Her work has been shown at Café Ello, the Jubilee Hospitality Room Art Gallery, and at the Woolworth Walk in Asheville.

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