Abstract Art by Arvee Abstract Artist


Abstract Art by Arvee Abstract Artist

Abstract Artist: Arvee
Medium: Oil
Website: www.arveeart.com

To do the abstracts you should be able to do the portraits, landscapes as well.

Starting as a realistic painter, through the years Arvee slowly began to abstract-ize more and more. By 2012, over 1,000 of his abstract-oils were sold worldwide during numerous gallery exhibitions. He is always searching for the light and suspension in his work and his greatest joy is to see the public looking at his work when it is on show and enjoying it. Giving their own emotions and fantasy to what they see.  Arvee is only doing the oils, using the best of timber for the frames, the best portrait-linen and the most sincere pigments and oils since, like he says himself, he is working for the history of Art . The prices of his work are affordable for he wants the public to enjoy his work in there homes and not only in a museum.

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