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**ART CONTEST CLOSED** – Archived Information

Go here to view the 2012 International Abstract Art Contest Winners.


The abstract artist is a creative poet, using any and all artistic elements to evoke emotions, express the imagination, and portray new and unseen subject matter. In the manner of just letting go, abstract art celebrates the free spirit and the process in the creation of such has the potential to heal, transcend, explore, and open up the consciousness. The Abstract Artist Gallery wants to give our attention and respect to all abstract artists who offers themselves up to this creative process. Is abstract art your form of meditation? Do you rely on intuitive senses? Do you create for the sake of creation? Do you explore the depths of the soul? If your answer is yes we encourage you to participate in this years 2012 International Abstract Art Contest by sending in your best image.

Let’s partake in what our imaginations can reveal. The purpose of this art contest is to connect and share our work, to enrich the gallery, and bestow some recognition to the abstract artist. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and naturally jurors are subject to their own opinions, so it is important to enter in the spirit of good fun, knowing that ultimately you are helping fellow artists like yourself.

Contest Themes
While knowing your artistic medium is important towards understanding your art, your medium will not be what defines your work. Because of the ambiguous nature of abstract art we have broken this contest down into 3 categories of expression to help the jurors gain insight into what you have created. Choose wisely…

Unique Exploration
Letting go. Exploring different mediums. Different.  Texture.  Embracing mistakes. Spontaneous.

Whispers and Other Worlds
Soft.  A sense of wonder.  Emotional.  Light and shadow.  Possible elements of nature or sense of self.

Impacting the Senses
Visual energy.  Movement.  Bold.  Colorful.  Feeling and passion.


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