Abstract Art Painting by Abstract Artist Ansgar Dressler

Ansgar Dressler

Abstract Artist: Ansgar Dressler
Medium: Oil
Website:  www.an-dre-art.com

For me, fine art painting is another form of self-expression besides the spoken and written word. With the latter ways one can often not express how the painting I’m going to start will look at the end. Thus, I let the interplay of colors, shapes, different painting techniques, and a pinch of randomness carry me through the creativity process, until a certain level of inner satisfaction is reached.

Ansgar Dressler was born in 1970 in the western part of Germany and now lives in Augsburg near Munich, Germany.   Despite the passion for painting since childhood, he chose the study and profession in the field of natural science. Now with the new possibilities of a separate studio and adjacent gallery since early 2012, painting is more and more moving into the center of his life and might eventually turn into profession.

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