Allison Iris


Abstract Artist: Allison Iris
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.allisoniris.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/pages/Allison-Iris-Artist/614684201878534

I have been painting and creating art, in many forms, for as long as I can remember. Creativity is in my bones; it’s what makes me happy.  My “process” is simple. Most of the time there is no planning involved. I let color inspire me and lead me in a direction. I love the freedom of the abstract. My pieces are untitled on purpose; mostly because I don’t want there to be preconceived ideas about what is being portrayed. For me, the point isn’t always to portray a specific emotion, thought, or idea, but to simply create something that is beautiful.

Allison has always enjoyed expressing her creativity, from finger painting to driveway chalk murals, to experimentation with watercolors, oils, and really any medium she could get her hands on. She has no formal training and has developed her own methods and techniques by experimentation. Over the last few years, abstract painting has emerged as her passion. Something shifted inside of her after a difficult personal stretch and she began to pull herself out of the darkness. Allison felt an impulse to paint again and her first major body of work was born. She now realize that the need to create is a part of what defines Her. She is a painter.

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