Alexis James

Abstract Artist: Alexis James
Medium: Oil on Canvas
Website: www.alexisj.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexisguthrieart

As a sixteen year old child I was investigated by the F.B.I for starting an anti-terrorist militia within my school. The fear and terror in people’s hearts of something new became clear to me at a young age. To combat the resentments I felt towards the world I began drinking heavily and using drugs as self-medication at the age of eighteen. A dark storm brewed inside of me and I knew, after many years of self-abuse, that a ray of sunshine was needed to clear the clouds. My ray came in the form of a freeing style of therapy called abstract art. My work is void of subject matter. I believe subject matter should be left out of a painting to create a true spiritual experience. Worldly objects and images can create a sense of connection to what humans already know, grounding us to the earth and material things. To me, a true piece of art will transcend an adults knowledge of the mundane, causing him or her, to view the world with a childlike creed that focuses on play and wonder. I push color and texture to the forefront of the mind to evoke the pleasurable feelings of unattached, chain-breaking bliss.

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