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Amazing abstract art.

Al Johnson

Abstract Artist: Al Johnson
Medium: Mixed Media
Website:  www.aljohnsonartstudio.com

Welcome to my world. It’s a peaceful world.  A world of loud and silent spaces.  I am expressing my vision of culture fully inter-locked but not bound to any end or beginning. Soulful, rich and seductive and yet spiritual enactments placed on surfaces of textures selected. Many of my works are just thoughts that show up at the right time and thus, I am ready with the tools that make feelings come forward.  I don’t know how it will turn out.  I only know what it tells me to do. And when it comes from this source, all I ask is for it to continue coming.   A relationship with this Creator that does not ask for a lot from me, only just to allow it to flow.  I am truly grateful to my Higher Power for this gift, for which I share with this world as we know it.

Al Johnson is better known for his figurative art works.  He attended institutions such as Pratt Institute, the Albert Pale School of Commercial Arts and the Arts Student League.  Mr. Johnson has exhibited in many corners of the world including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum in Japan, the Guangzhou International Art Fair in China and New York City in a juried exhibition curated by Jordan Kantor, during his tenure as Assistant Curator at the Museum of Modern Art.  These days he has found a new freedom to speak through creating art for healing. Most of is art is on canvas and wood, but he also has new works on paper as well.  Al Johnson is also a mentor to others whom need and want directions on creating.  His passion is to inspire as he gives back to future artists by providing his unique teaching style designed by Al Johnson Art Studios.

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