Abstract Art by Abstract Artist Ahavani Mullen

Ahavani Mullen

Abstract Artist: Ahavani Mullen
Medium: Encaustic
Website: www.ahavani.com

I engage in the process of creating art as a spiritual practice, drawing on inner experiences and meditations, and feeding on mental silence. My work explores how the earth plane and the higher, inner worlds blend with each other and complete each other. Much of the process is about navigating what is hidden, unseen, and what is revealed. For the viewer, my work may function as a portal through which he or she can experience a heightened and more expansive consciousness; to connect with Reality in its highest and most true sense, in a way that harmonizes with the viewer’s own inner disposition. Because encaustic paint is built up layer upon layer, it is particularly well suited to the atmospheres I wish to evoke. I find that beeswax has a rich, earthy, organic quality as well as an ethereal transparency and luminosity, which allows me to explore a kind of subtle divine light as it is manifested in the physical, material realm.

Ahavani Mullen is an artist who works primarily with encaustic paint. Her work has been included in numerous juried exhibitions in Chicago, including those at Arc Gallery, Brickton Art Center, Space Division, Mignonette, Eyeporium Gallery and Prak-sis Gallery, as well as Evans Encaustics in Sonoma, CA. She has had several oil pastel drawings included in Panorama, an art magazine. This October her work will be included in an exhibition at Zhou B Art Center in Chicago, as well as at Flow Art Space in Minneapolis in September. Her work is held in private collections in Chicago, Minnesota and New York. She is also a member of FusedChicago, the midwest encaustic artists professional organization. Native to Minnesota, and a graduate of Macalester College in St. Paul, the artist lives and works in Chicago, IL.

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