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Andrea Sabeli

Abstract Artist: Andrea Sabeli
Medium: Digital
Website:  www.images.visionnaires.com

Resulting from a study on the interaction between light, color and the photographer’s specific motion input, the series Camera Loca on Ocean Drive explores the concept of a transient spectrum between the visible and the invisible. From the kinetic energy, ambiant light and transience of urban nightlife, the artist captures unique abstract images created in part by serendipity that often evoke unusual and intriguing associations of ideas and provide fascinating glimpses into our inner world, inseparable from that of time and our universal and collective memory.

Andrea is a Canadian artist working in various visual arts: drawing, photography, graphic design, videography and digital artwork.

Wayne Salvatore

Abstract Artist: Wayne Salvatore
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.abstractexpressionistart.com

For me, painting can be a simple thing; an elaboration, an exploration. Most often I select colors and apply them in ways that interest me. The challenge is to keep the work alive, interesting, and meaningful. It is a kind of dance or a balancing act. Sometimes I have an idea before I begin: a pre-selected color pairing, a dream, something that I’ve read, an experience. It may be a response to another artist’s work. In the end, each painting is a small journey in its own right.  Painting has and continues to mean more to me than any other part of my expressive life and I am so grateful to have found this medium which allows me to dialogue with artists past and present as well as my faithful viewers and most of all to continue my own journey.

Wayne was born in Hartford, CN in 1948 and loved the works of Salvador Dali and Vincent Van Gogh early on. Although his formal education was in Photojournalism, art has always been a big part of his life and in 2004 he was stuck with a dilemma. He had bought over 24 quarts of paint from the local Kelly-Moore paint store trying to decide on colors for the interior of his house. Rather than toss all that paint, he decided to buy a couple of large canvases and use it. His first couple of tries looked splendid and off he went.

He spent the next few years painting on his own and creating large abstract expressionist pieces. He studied the likes of Pollock, Twombly, Motherwell, Krasner and Mitchell. This process and self-discipline gave him the best education on light and color. He built upon his color knowledge from photography and currently creates intense and highly energized abstract paintings.  Working in mostly acrylics he first quickly lays down his initial background using a brush. He then begins to work more intuitively and very energetically allowing the painting to dictate what it wants him to do. Most paint is applied with brushes or thrown onto the canvas. He grabs the colors from a “revolving palette.”

Fola Lawson


Abstract Artist: Fola Lawson
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: http://millearts.com/artists/folalawson
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/millearts

I am a Togolese self-taught artist who paints abstracts. I started painting early in life and my love for art has burgeoned greatly since. I draw my inspiration from the African culture and its richness as I attempt to capture through paintings the age-long traditions and values of this unique race.

Fola Lawson is a greatly talented African artist who paints to live. He started as a young boy visiting his uncle’s workshop after school hours in Africa and making paintings with the crudest of tools available. His genuine love for the art and his unmistakable talent and skill sustained and elevated him through the years. He has had many art exhibitions, among which are: a collective exhibition in the architectural firm in Dakar, Senegal, a Solo exhibition at l’Ile St-Martin de Ré in France, AH Art development in partnership with VECO in TOGO and a Group exhibition of the Cultural week of Senegal at UNESCO in Paris, France. Fola currently lives in Senegal where his art continues to blossom and appreciate.

Eduardo Monteagudo


Abstract Artist: Eduardo Monteagudo
Medium: Oil, Acrylic, Mixed media
Website: www.eduardomonteagudo.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Arte-Eduardo-Monteagudo/310203092335253

What motivates my work as a painter consists much more in questioning reality as we experience it than in venturing its interpretation. I consider painting an essential way to attenuate the human anxiety to assimilate into his reality and environment, to transform the perpetual fight of man against its nature into a state of deep understanding and empathy shedding light onto the enigmatic and exceptional nature of his conscience.

Eduardo has had the privilege of an early education and upbringing into the practice of the arts coming from both parents being notorious artists. He had the chance to put his imagination and creativity to use with all the knowledge and experiences from this environment, providing him with the means to explore and widen his own artistic universe. He attended the Facultad de Bellas Artes de Cuenca, in Spain only to find that this standard academic education was bringing more confusion than clarity to what he intended to do, so he chose to make and follow his own path. Led by his innate curiosity and independence he moved to Paris where he got in contact with the grand artistic achievements of Europe in every corner of this capital of the arts.

He worked alongside many artists in diverse disciplines and earned the support of the City of Paris for several projects. He was also awarded recognition on his innovating use of traditional techniques in oil and watercolor painting. After living in Barcelona for some time he moved to Cincinnati where he developed his career in the US while keeping venues and representation back in Spain and France. He has permanent representation in Canada and in the US at Miller Gallery. His work makes part of private collections and has been featured in art galleries in Toronto, Seattle, San Francisco, Houston, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, London and Munich. He currently lives and works in northern Spain.

Ingrid Arencibia


Abstract Artist: Ingrid Arencibia
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media, Oil
Website: www.ingarza.weebly.com

Painting for me is an outlet that lets me express my emotions with a freedom that I have not found in any other medium. My desire is to create unique works of art; sometimes peaceful, sometimes powerful and perplexing but always fresh and unexpected. I hope the complexities of the pieces envelope the viewers minds tempting them to come back to decipher and explore all its layers.

Ingrid Arencibia, a native of Ciudad de la Habana, Cuba, is a Florida based artist creating paintings that are representational of the natural beauty that surrounds us. Although her main inspiration is nature, she has been known to stray from time to time and find a burst of creativity in other subjects. Her system involves extracting the moving and colorful essence of natural landscapes by exploring the interaction between textures, layers, expressive brustrokes and bold colors. Most of her work is done in the abstract concentrating on the inspirational theme. Ingrid’s concern is with the singularity that evolves from the pure and essential form and transforming it into colorful compositions that evoke strong emotions.

Tim O’ Connell

Abstract Artist: Tim O’Connell
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.suncreekroad.com 

My works are explorations into the world of color. I strive to leadthe viewer’s eye around the canvas using mixtures of warm and cool color, sweet and sour, light and dark, muted and vibrant color. This produces designs which can be rotated to reveal new impressions. I do not sign the canvasses on the face, but rather on the gallery wrap edges so they can be hung in any direction. Sometimes in the gallery we rotate the pieces for various showings to experiment with the ways the eye moves around the design.

Tim O’Connell has been following a creative path from his earliest memories. His latest artistic expressions are abstract explorations using acrylic on canvas. O’Connell’s current “atmospheric” vision has been called everything from “space photos from the Hubble” to “Rorschach inkblots” where you the viewer apply your own interpretation. The pieces feature vibrant color and smoky patterns that convey “other-worldly” themes and evoke shifting moods from heavy to light, placid to electric.

Vineta Cook

Abstract Artist: Vineta Cook
Medium: Photography
Website: www.meggysworld.com

“Mini Universes” are mysterious places of light, grace and spirituality. The colors and shapes may vary from one to the next, but the same spirit exists throughout them all-the spirit of light that overtakes the darkness. I attempt to create an atmosphere of hope and beauty.

Vineta Cook is contemporary abstract photographer, with roots of abstract expressionism. Born in northern Lithuania, in the hometown of Jonas Mekas-God father of American avant-garde cinema, she has been dabbling in art and experimenting with different materials since early childhood. At age fifteen she won the silver medallion in a European Union art contest held in Lithuania. Later she finished at Vilnius Pedagogical University, receiving her bachelor degree in Arts and left Lithuania for the United States with her family in 2005.Vineta has received awards from the European Union, Manhattan Art’s International Gallery and in 2008 was entitled “Best Emerging Artist” from the Best of 2007 Art Source in New York-and she has had more than a few exhibitions since that time. Most recently, her photography prints were used on the set of the CW Network TV series, “One Tree Hill,” and she is constantly at work today finding new ways to share her universe with others.

Jan van Oort

Abstract Painting by Abstract Artist Jan van Oort

Abstract Artist: Jan van Oort
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: www.kunstoort.nl

I like to connect people to their inner self. I see our mind also as a limiter. Our education and upbringing, as well the various media’s, our society with its paradigms, imposes a burying of our inner self.  On the one hand, my paintings are full of drive, emotion, power and dynamism. It tells you “Have the guts to go out of the box and come in a state of mind where you are different, to connect with your inner self.” On the other hand my paintings are introverted, meditative. That is the other side beyond ‘knowing’. Being one with the whole, with that where you came from, before knowing, again, to connect with your inner self.

Jan was born in the south of Holland. He succeeded his education at the University for Architectural Designing (Delft) and build several projects at the Dutch Caribbean. Besides an artist painter, Jan is also saxophone player, architect, music composer, writer and concept designer for advertising.  He is presented by leading gallery’s in Holland like van den Broek gallery, Helenaveen; gallery Frederique van der Vlist, Leiden and gallery de Boog, Ysselstein.

Dina Volkova

Abstract Art by Artist Dina Volkova

Abstract Artist: Dina Volkova
Medium: Acrylic, Ink, Pencil, Mixed Media
Website: www.dinavolkova.com

As an artist, I am astonished by the beauty of the world and I believe that this visible beauty is a reflection of invisible beauty. Most of my abstract works are inspired by nature and by the materials which I use to create them. I love using various techniques and often mix and match them while creating my artworks. Paints, pencil, and ink marker mix together freely and compliment each other in my art works.

Dina was born in Moscow, Russia, where she graduated from the Moscow City Pedagogical University with Masters degree in Arts Education. While living in Moscow, she was employed by a number of Russian publishing houses and worked on various projects that included book covers, drawings, holiday cards and postcards. Dina also was a member of the Moscow Union of the Artists, where she participated in a number of national art exhibitions. Since 2000, she has been living with her family in the Washington, D.C. area where she focuses most of her artistic energy on painting. From 2001 to 2004 she was a member of the Baltimore Watercolor Association and participated in several juried watercolor exhibitions organized by the Association. Later, she started working on a larger scale pieces using oil and acrylic. From 2007 to 2012 her art works were represented by Touchstone Gallery and were part of multiple group exhibitions. Dina also had two solo shows in 2010, 2012.

Carolynne Coulson


Abstract Artist: Carolynne Coulson
Medium: Mixed Media, Acrylic, Oil
Website: www.carolynnecoulson.co.uk
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/carolynne.coulson.1

My paintings inhabit the area between abstraction and figuration, they are rich in colour and hidden meaning, I love forms , colors and textures that hint at meaning and yet allow my eyes to dance across the painting and my mind to run free. I occasionally start with a sketch or a plan in mind, but the painting always becomes more about the paint itself, the interaction of the colours and mediums creating the texture and suggesting the composition, the scratched back technique delivering linear elements and revealing the hidden layers below the surface. I love to paint without an expectation of the finished painting, just trusting to chance and intuition, embracing a process which minimizes my control I find delivers the happy accidents I am looking for. Layers are of prime importance to my work, figures and narratives appear and disappear during the process, I not only enjoy discovering these stories in the paint and I also perversely enjoy hiding them either partially or entirely, so that only I know and can see the
trace of the hidden meaning. Ideally leaving some part behind that hints at a meaning but allows the viewer to bring their own story to a painting, to interpret the forms and elements into a meaning individual to them is what I aim for.

Carolynne lives in rural North Yorkshire where she runs a small design studio. She has a Honours degree in Fine art and an MA in creative multimedia and produces art in a wide range of mediums and forms, from painting to printmaking, digital art to artists books.

Julian Vergara


Abstract Artist: Julian Vergara
Medium: Mixed Media
Website:  www.jvisualconcepts.com

I am an abstract painter. I am passionate about color, and that is ALL colors. Most of my images or themes, people can relate to. Observers will be able to identify elements they encounter every day or conceive in their dreams, in their joy, their sadness, despair, and fears. I find myself constantly in need of creativity and in the process I tend to gravitate toward the surreal, the subconscious, and the world of fantasy. I make a great emphasis in color for I wish the viewer to feel the same incredible sensation that embraces my body, my soul, my mind, my whole conformation. It is like being in a trance. Color is magical, color is powerful, color is life.The intention is that my paintings allow you to walk away from your daily hectic life and to stimulate you to challenge your intellect and help you release the bad karma that produces our modern world.Make an effort to embrace abstractionism for it stimulates the soul and enlightens the mind.

Julian Vergara was born in Bogota, Colombia. In his soul he carries the richness of his native culture, the music of its people, the mystery of the land itself, the energy and vibrancy of color along with the sounds and influence of the rich culture of New York City where he grew up. He graduated from LaGuardia Community College in Queens, New York where he received an Associates Diploma in Fine Arts and Liberal Arts. His studies there led him to experiment with sculpture which eventually brought him to wall constructions/assemblages. While visiting the great art museums and galleries of New York he was exposed to the art of Pablo Picasso, Juan Gris, Joan Miro, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella and pop artist Andy Warhol but it was the works of the New York School of Abstract-Expressionists which fired his own personal passion to paint and influenced his style.

In July 31, 1983 his son Julian Fabian was born in Queens, New York. Baby “JB” changed his father’s outlook on the world. He was inspired and found a new desire to live more intensely. The birth of his son motivated his ambitions and dreams of becoming an important abstract painter and brought meaning to the words “love,” “life,” and “art.” About this time he also spent three wonderful years at the prestigious Pratt Institute in Brooklyn New York. There he had the chance to experiment with new techniques and media and prepare for the challenges necessary to pursue his career as a Graphic Designer and Abstract Painter. In the summer of 1986 Vergara was awarded his Bachelor Degree in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Communication. By then, he had already held numerous exhibitions as a fine artist and graphic designer and had become fascinated by the possibilities of the computer as a tool for artists. Pratt Manhattan the School of Professional Studies in New York City became his home for the following three years, where exposure to the different software programs contributed to his development as a creative visualartist. The computer, digital images, flatbed scanners, CD’s, pixels, bites, and megabytes measured his creativity. These have become the tools of his trade along with acrylics, oils, the fumes of turpentine, stretched canvases and collage. His boundless imagination and artistic manipulation of digital images allow him to create abstract and surrealist images where fine art and computer graphics merge into one. Julian continued to pursue his academic studies by attending Cal State University Channel Islands from 2008 -2010 to obtain a Certificate in Multi-media Art. He also attended courses at Oxnard College, CA.

Claudiu Presecan

Abstract Artist: Claudiu Presecan
Medium: Oil
Website: www.claudiupresecan.com

In Claudiu Presecan’s recent series of paintings and drawings, Path over Water, his investigation into how gesture is translated into visual imagery continues. Using a variety of methods of applying pigments—pouring, dripping, smearing, dropping, erasing—this series walks an edge between figuration and abstraction. Inspired by the vast Danube Delta which transverses his native Romania with its lagoons, reeds, hidden recesses, and isolated villages this art speaks to movement, change and, in a poetic way, to continuity. This work does not, however, portray a specific landscape; rather it speaks to an experience that transcends place and time.  [Behind the Veil]

Claudiu Presecan is a Romanian artist whose artwork has been exhibited throughout Europe. He received a PhD, magna cum laude, from the University of Art & Design in Cluj (2008). His doctoral dissertation was “The Landscape, state of mind and expression.” He also holds an MFA (1995), and a BA (1994) in painting and ceramics from the University of Art & Design, Cluj. He studied arts management at The Amsterdam Maastricht, the Netherlands. His paintings have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world, including the United States, Austria, Great Britain, The Netherlands, South Africa, Italy, Taiwan, Greece, Germany, Hungry and Turkey.

Jane Robinson

Abstract Artist: Jane Robinson
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.janerobinsonabstractart.com

My current work is inspired by the jazz music of early pioneers such as Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Sonny Clarke and dozens of others. The movement, rhythm, instruments and “colour” of the music opens a portal to an unexplored world – through the looking glass. I encourage the viewer to lay aside their concept of what art “should” look like. Try to see and feel the movement, the rhythm, the composition at a very basic level. Don’t worry about “seeing something” in my work – let your intuition speak.

Michigan native Jane Robinson is an innovation contemporary emerging artist who works in acrylic paint and mixed media. Complex textures, created through layering various mediums, encourage curiosity about what lies beneath. Most viewers are attracted to particular pieces not only for the colors and composition but for the sculptural qualities as well. Jane believes that art transcends the barriers of geography, culture, color or faith. Art in all forms provide endless possibilities to stimulate our five senses – giving us an incredible journey to travel. Her work has been purchased by many private collectors and businesses all over the globe as well as the local college, Marriott, Comfort Inn, DePaul University and the University of Michigan.

Diana Farace

Abstract Artist: Diana Farace
Medium: Photography, Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website: www.suddeninspirations.com

I have always been inclined towards the “abstract and unusual” in my thinking, acting, and dressing. From sketching funky and muted faces to out of control painted abstracts and drastic digital manipulation of photos, I never have a preconceived notion of how any piece is going to turn out. I strive to avoid realism at all times, and work at creating the unusual defying anything conservative. My “mood” at any given point throughout the creative process is quite evident, and I live in the moment with my work. I allow the outcome to take me wherever IT wants to go. My creations are as unpredictable and unexpected as I am, and that is what makes them so unique.

Diana Farace was born and raised in New York City and traveled through Europe after marrying a USAF Officer. Diana put her creative endeavors on the back burner while working as a professional in various industries. Her workshop/studio is now her office and haven from the everyday.  Her website keeps her continually challenged to create on a daily basis.

Marina Rehrmann

Abstract Artist: Marina Rehrmann
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.marinakr.com

Life is really abstract, you dont really know and understand it but you enjoy and love it.

Marina K Rehrmann was born in Yerevan-Armenia.  Early in life she was exposed to the world of art by her father (a blues singer, song writer and guitarist-well known in his era), and her mother, a school teacher who migrated to Europe with her two kids in the 1990s. Even as a young girls, Marina, drew enormous attention to her paintings from her art school’s regional peers and critics in Kassel-Germany.  Her love for art has led her to accomplish the creation of many self-defined styles of paintings dubbed by many industry experts as “unique and rare”, both in texture and color coordination.   Marina’s paintings are exhibited at many prominent art venues and the entertainment industry in movies and commercials.  Marina has also illustrated many Children’s Books for Quiet Time Productions, LLC.  She is the Vice President of the Glendale Art Association.  Her work has been sold all over United States and Europe.

Megan Rieke

Abstract Artist: Megan Rieke
Medium: Acrylic and Charcoal
Website:  www.meganriekeart.com

As a painter, I’m allotted the freedom to evoke emotions through visible struggles without having to digest and evaluate emotions so they remain raw and immediate. The paint itself is the central character of my works. By utilizing the materials’ fluidity, my struggle becomes palatable. Central to my struggle is transforming ugly into pretty. Rust, corrosion, foulness is beautiful to me because it is honest. The colors apparent are real. In a world scared to live truly, the ugly underbelly of our existence is the foundation of everything beautiful. I utilize my materials by allowing their fluidity to remain free. This helps me find balance and peace through loose brushstrokes, composition, and color. My paintings are intended to be an honest revelation of my emotions so that, in opening myself up, the viewer may also reconnect to oneself and the world we live in.

Megan is an artist in the mediums of painting and drawing. She earned her B.A. in Creative Writing from Webster University (St. Louis, MO) in 1999 with a minor in Fine Arts. Since then, she has worked, traveled, and volunteered in several states and countries. With the arrival of her first child, Megan began going back to school, earning 36 credit hours of Fine Art courses through St. Louis Community College – Meramec. She was chosen as 1 of 3 students to participate in a city wide collegiate student exhibition in 2007.

Since 2007, she had to put her art on hold in order to have two more children and rehab and old home. All the while, though, when she had free time, she was practicing her craft. Since 2011, she has been in several local galleries, juried exhibitions, and restaurants. Her art continues to surprise and inspire with her colors and forms. She is dedicated to, as John Cage once said, “Purposeful purposelessness”.

Darlene Garr

Abstract Artist: Darlene Garr
Medium: Oil, Mixed Media
Website: www.darlenegarrart.com

In my work, spontaneous movement is as much a medium as the paint itself… sweeping, relaxed motion allows me to instinctively lay down form and colour in a fluid, high energy manner which keeps the work very physical in nature…combining the right colours for the right feeling, comes from my soul. As a self-taught artist, I have approached my art with abandoned intuition and as my painting continues to evolve, it is still in pursuit of the same goal…to capture that feeling of mystery and awe that compels me to paint.

Born in 1946 in Spokane, Washington, Internationally known Artist, Darlene Garr has been painting professionally for over 30 years and with more than 150 Solo and Group Shows has received wide recognition for her talent, boasting collectors from all over the world. Her Abstract style of Impressionism and restless movement of flaring colour in her work, allows the viewer to sense what is in the picture, in their own way.  “I see her as one of the most collectible artists of the 20th century.”  - Late Art Critic, Rona Dobson-Cover Story The BULLETIN MAGAZINE, BRUSSELS, 1988.

Lucie Beardwood

Abstract Artist: Lucie Beardwood
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.luciebeardwood.co.uk
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LucieBeardwoodArt?ref=hl

My work is process based and is intrinsically linked with my interest in duality, specifically in achieving a balance between the two states of chaos and order. Living in the forest has led to observation of the inherent balance contained within nature. The forest often appears chaotic and wild but on closer examination there are also signs of order; patterns and structures emerge to create a balance that resists either extreme, yet this balance is a constantly changing state of construction and reconstruction, it is not a balance that is stable and fixed, it remains elusive, appearing and disappearing.

My paintings are an attempt to replicate this constant shifting interplay between order and chaos, equilibrium and disequilibrium,
resting as close to balance between these two states as possible and culminating in an acceptance that perfect balance is not possible in an ever changing state.

Lucie is an artist living and working in the beautiful and inspiring Forest Of Dean. She grew up in and has a deep connection to the countryside, to nature with it’s silence and stillness which masks a complex organic system, a balanced yet never static state between chaos and order. She is in her final year of her Ba(hons) Fine Art:Drawing and Painting Degree at Gloucester University and has exhibited in exhibitions, both in the uk and Internationally.

Steven Montgomery

Abstract Artist: Steven Montgomery
Medium: Oil
Website: www.facebook.com/steven.montgomery.artist

My art originates from the future, other dimensions, random electrical connections between the syntaxes of my mind and distant memories of past lives and worlds.

Steven Montgomery is a self taught abstract artist from Sheffield, England. After copying several styles of painting over the years, he settled into finding his own signature style, a great deal of which features heavily impastoed 3D works. Like many other artists he has struggled financially. But his passion for art drives him from one project to another using any spare money he can to create his unique oil paintings.

Nicola Harvey


Abstract Artist: Nicola Harvey
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colour-on-Canvas/1404732893123534

Inspired by nature, energy & love I explore an abstract style enjoying bold vibrant colours, texture and movement, creating a “POP” of color in your world.

With a passion for the arts in many forms Nicola has painted from a young age. Born in New Zealand in 1979 Nicola is continually actively creative in many different facets of life. Painting, Photography, Dance, and Makeup Artistry allow her to engage and indulge in soulful self expression. She also enjoys drawing and illustrating for children.

Scott Fisher

Abstract Artist: Scott Fisher
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.scottfishergallery.com 

I am an Abstract Expressionist… a painter. The idea for me is not to be contrived and paint out of necessity, for any one reason. It’s a need to satisfy the interruption of everything we as a society refer to as normal. I do not avoid the accident as past Expressionists have proclaimed. I encourage the accident. I enjoy the sense of not having control over the painting at all times. Evolution of the work has to feel natural.  I heard someone once say that all great ideas come from unpromising beginnings. I found this statement to be profound in regards to my approach with making art. As humans I feel we inherit limitations. My work up to this point has been a method of breaking through such obstacles. The starting point being the use of creative expression, becoming spiritual translation of inner concepts into form. I use a variety of materials and processes in each painting to achieve the emotional reflection of the idea itself. I have literally spit paint from my mouth onto the canvas in an attempt to not break the flow of the creative inner language.  I have no idea what the true definition of art really means. What it may seem to me is most likely a very different experience for you. I have learned that if it is real and sincere, then you cannot fake it. I take no real ownership of the art itself. The highest respect I can hold for my work is the understanding that it was never mine to begin with. I am the temporary messenger connected to something that I may never be able to completely understand, much less put into words. So, the title Abstract Expressionism is one way to define my work, or something more simple, as I would prefer, Emotion in Motion.

Scott Fisher (1974- ) was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Coming from a family of musicians and artists, he began classical guitar studies at the early age of four. Eventually Scott would discover the world of Rock n Roll, which led him down a path into songwriting and performance. He was a Sony World recording artist in his 20’s and continued to perform and record into his early 30’s. His vision for his music could be compared to that of a painter and his art. Scott liked using experience and visuals as a template to create his art of music and would start to see a parallel between the two.

In 2007 due to medical circumstances he entered Georgetown Hospital with multiple organ failure. He was treated for failing kidneys and was placed onto life support for 3 weeks. Scott would recover fully and be discharged a month later. Due to his immobility upon his release he found that simple tasks such as walking or playing music were much too difficult. He decided to pursue painting as a new creative expression. With no previous training in the art of painting he felt Abstract Expressionism was not only a creative outlet, but a form of emotional healing as well. Scott had admired such painters as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Edward Calvin Ramsburg. Eventually he started painting constantly– setting up a make shift studio in the stairwell of his one-room studio loft where he currently resides. There, he painted what would become his first two series of paintings over the next year and a half. Ultimately, Scott began catching the attention of local artists who seemed to admire his emotional, uncontrived style of painting. No intentional thought was put into the painting, as much as just pure emotion, combined with allowing the paintings to feel as if they painted themselves. Periodically, Scott refuses to pick up a brush for weeks at a time to allow the process to feel completely natural rather than forced. Scott Fisher enters himself through his art, and in doing so, reveals the universal, hidden complexities of being human.

Joe Martino

Abstract Artist: Joe Martino
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.joemartinoart.com

Although I am primarily an abstract expressionist artist, from time to time I paint in a more realistic or impressionistic style. I particularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with design, color and a variety of different media to give texture and interest. The discipline of content and composition is sometimes left to chance, often coming from a place that knows both intention and freedom of the artistic spirit and may involve little structured direction. From a spontaneous beginning, to the addition of layers of color and texture, my paintings evolve toward excitement and depth and emotion.

Joe Martino’s undergraduate and graduate training was in premed and the sciences. He has taught chemistry, anatomy, and marine biology and has worked as a resident artist in the schools in his hometown. Joe is a successful professional artist, traveling to many art festivals and art exhibits around the country to display and sell his work.  His paintings and palette have been described as “organic,” a term that he feels encompasses the essence of his work, as he is greatly influenced by science and nature. Joe has won numerous awards for his abstract paintings and he was recently featured as one of Stark County, Ohio’s finest artists in the book Stark ARThology and is one of the authors of the book Mixed Media Workshop by Walter Foster Publishing.

Helen Wheatley

Abstract Artist: Helen Wheatley
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.HelenWheatley.com 

I have been painting for many years, but only recently discovered my passion to work freely, without any plan for what the finished piece will be. I flow, scrape, and fling paint and use various tools to create beautiful, lively bursts of color with unique textures and patterns. I work intuitively, acting and reacting, constantly responding to what I’ve just done. In this way, I find my moods and interests as well as my love of color are naturally reflected in my work. This process allows me to feel more personally involved with my art than I’ve ever felt before.

Helen Wheatley was born in Maryland and moved to Florida’s Space Coast in 1995 after a corporate downsizing left her looking for a new job. Inspired by Florida’s natural beauty, she began painting watercolors in 2000. Helen studied with fine artists from across the United States and it is this diversity of influence that has led to her unique style today. Helen now works in acrylics and her process is intuitive. She layers paint over texture, using a minimum of brushwork, relying instead, on using tools and found items to create exciting and unpredictable effects.

Allen Cox

Abstract Artist: Allen Cox
Medium: Oil, Cold Wax in Alkyd
Website:  www.allencoxstudio.com

The 20th Century anthropologist and philosopher Claude Levi-Strauss has suggested that “… art lies on a continuum halfway between science and magic.” I like that idea. I try to paint with passion and intelligence. My work is spontaneous and intuitively generated. I create from a wide variety of sources, drawing on my own life experiences and interests. Mystery and revelation, history and myth, intuition and logic, dream and memory…these are polarities that compel and inform the heart of my work. They reflect the intent to both connect with the natural world and negotiate the constructed world; to illuminate the interior through an examination of the exterior; to reveal the unseen architecture of everyday life. My work is grounded in abstraction yet it avoids formalism. I try to generate paintings that will oscillate between the possibility of subjective reading and the work’s primary existence as an abstract presence.

Born in Eugene, Oregon in 1950, Allen Cox is a practicing Pacific Northwest contemporary painter. Cox has been showing his work nationally since 1982 and internationally since 2003. He holds an MFA in painting from the University of Oregon, where he studied with the highly regarded Pacific Northwest abstract painter Frank Okada. Cox worked as a field archaeologist and scientific illustrator for over 10 years in Oregon, experiences which profoundly influence his painting.

Allen Cox’s work has been featured in “New American Paintings: Artists of the West”, a profile video segment for the public television program Oregon Art Beat, the book “100 Artists of the West Coast”, various design journals and other visual media including book covers, CD covers, film and television. His paintings are found in numerous public, corporate and private collections throughout the US, as well as internationally. Cox has lived and worked in Oregon, New York and New Zealand. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. Allen Cox is represented by galleries in Portland, OR; Laguna Beach, CA; Knoxville, TN and Christchurch, New Zealand.