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Lucie Beardwood

Abstract Artist: Lucie Beardwood
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.luciebeardwood.co.uk
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LucieBeardwoodArt?ref=hl

My work is process based and is intrinsically linked with my interest in duality, specifically in achieving a balance between the two states of chaos and order. Living in the forest has led to observation of the inherent balance contained within nature. The forest often appears chaotic and wild but on closer examination there are also signs of order; patterns and structures emerge to create a balance that resists either extreme, yet this balance is a constantly changing state of construction and reconstruction, it is not a balance that is stable and fixed, it remains elusive, appearing and disappearing.

My paintings are an attempt to replicate this constant shifting interplay between order and chaos, equilibrium and disequilibrium,
resting as close to balance between these two states as possible and culminating in an acceptance that perfect balance is not possible in an ever changing state.

Lucie is an artist living and working in the beautiful and inspiring Forest Of Dean. She grew up in and has a deep connection to the countryside, to nature with it’s silence and stillness which masks a complex organic system, a balanced yet never static state between chaos and order. She is in her final year of her Ba(hons) Fine Art:Drawing and Painting Degree at Gloucester University and has exhibited in exhibitions, both in the uk and Internationally.

Steven Montgomery

Abstract Artist: Steven Montgomery
Medium: Oil
Website: www.facebook.com/steven.montgomery.artist

My art originates from the future, other dimensions, random electrical connections between the syntaxes of my mind and distant memories of past lives and worlds.

Steven Montgomery is a self taught abstract artist from Sheffield, England. After copying several styles of painting over the years, he settled into finding his own signature style, a great deal of which features heavily impastoed 3D works. Like many other artists he has struggled financially. But his passion for art drives him from one project to another using any spare money he can to create his unique oil paintings.

Nicola Harvey


Abstract Artist: Nicola Harvey
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colour-on-Canvas/1404732893123534

Inspired by nature, energy & love I explore an abstract style enjoying bold vibrant colours, texture and movement, creating a “POP” of color in your world.

With a passion for the arts in many forms Nicola has painted from a young age. Born in New Zealand in 1979 Nicola is continually actively creative in many different facets of life. Painting, Photography, Dance, and Makeup Artistry allow her to engage and indulge in soulful self expression. She also enjoys drawing and illustrating for children.

Scott Fisher

Abstract Artist: Scott Fisher
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.scottfishergallery.com 

I am an Abstract Expressionist… a painter. The idea for me is not to be contrived and paint out of necessity, for any one reason. It’s a need to satisfy the interruption of everything we as a society refer to as normal. I do not avoid the accident as past Expressionists have proclaimed. I encourage the accident. I enjoy the sense of not having control over the painting at all times. Evolution of the work has to feel natural.  I heard someone once say that all great ideas come from unpromising beginnings. I found this statement to be profound in regards to my approach with making art. As humans I feel we inherit limitations. My work up to this point has been a method of breaking through such obstacles. The starting point being the use of creative expression, becoming spiritual translation of inner concepts into form. I use a variety of materials and processes in each painting to achieve the emotional reflection of the idea itself. I have literally spit paint from my mouth onto the canvas in an attempt to not break the flow of the creative inner language.  I have no idea what the true definition of art really means. What it may seem to me is most likely a very different experience for you. I have learned that if it is real and sincere, then you cannot fake it. I take no real ownership of the art itself. The highest respect I can hold for my work is the understanding that it was never mine to begin with. I am the temporary messenger connected to something that I may never be able to completely understand, much less put into words. So, the title Abstract Expressionism is one way to define my work, or something more simple, as I would prefer, Emotion in Motion.

Scott Fisher (1974- ) was born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Coming from a family of musicians and artists, he began classical guitar studies at the early age of four. Eventually Scott would discover the world of Rock n Roll, which led him down a path into songwriting and performance. He was a Sony World recording artist in his 20’s and continued to perform and record into his early 30’s. His vision for his music could be compared to that of a painter and his art. Scott liked using experience and visuals as a template to create his art of music and would start to see a parallel between the two.

In 2007 due to medical circumstances he entered Georgetown Hospital with multiple organ failure. He was treated for failing kidneys and was placed onto life support for 3 weeks. Scott would recover fully and be discharged a month later. Due to his immobility upon his release he found that simple tasks such as walking or playing music were much too difficult. He decided to pursue painting as a new creative expression. With no previous training in the art of painting he felt Abstract Expressionism was not only a creative outlet, but a form of emotional healing as well. Scott had admired such painters as Jackson Pollock, Franz Kline and Edward Calvin Ramsburg. Eventually he started painting constantly– setting up a make shift studio in the stairwell of his one-room studio loft where he currently resides. There, he painted what would become his first two series of paintings over the next year and a half. Ultimately, Scott began catching the attention of local artists who seemed to admire his emotional, uncontrived style of painting. No intentional thought was put into the painting, as much as just pure emotion, combined with allowing the paintings to feel as if they painted themselves. Periodically, Scott refuses to pick up a brush for weeks at a time to allow the process to feel completely natural rather than forced. Scott Fisher enters himself through his art, and in doing so, reveals the universal, hidden complexities of being human.

Joe Martino

Abstract Artist: Joe Martino
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.joemartinoart.com

Although I am primarily an abstract expressionist artist, from time to time I paint in a more realistic or impressionistic style. I particularly enjoy exploring and experimenting with design, color and a variety of different media to give texture and interest. The discipline of content and composition is sometimes left to chance, often coming from a place that knows both intention and freedom of the artistic spirit and may involve little structured direction. From a spontaneous beginning, to the addition of layers of color and texture, my paintings evolve toward excitement and depth and emotion.

Joe Martino’s undergraduate and graduate training was in premed and the sciences. He has taught chemistry, anatomy, and marine biology and has worked as a resident artist in the schools in his hometown. Joe is a successful professional artist, traveling to many art festivals and art exhibits around the country to display and sell his work.  His paintings and palette have been described as “organic,” a term that he feels encompasses the essence of his work, as he is greatly influenced by science and nature. Joe has won numerous awards for his abstract paintings and he was recently featured as one of Stark County, Ohio’s finest artists in the book Stark ARThology and is one of the authors of the book Mixed Media Workshop by Walter Foster Publishing.

Helen Wheatley

Abstract Artist: Helen Wheatley
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.HelenWheatley.com 

I have been painting for many years, but only recently discovered my passion to work freely, without any plan for what the finished piece will be. I flow, scrape, and fling paint and use various tools to create beautiful, lively bursts of color with unique textures and patterns. I work intuitively, acting and reacting, constantly responding to what I’ve just done. In this way, I find my moods and interests as well as my love of color are naturally reflected in my work. This process allows me to feel more personally involved with my art than I’ve ever felt before.

Helen Wheatley was born in Maryland and moved to Florida’s Space Coast in 1995 after a corporate downsizing left her looking for a new job. Inspired by Florida’s natural beauty, she began painting watercolors in 2000. Helen studied with fine artists from across the United States and it is this diversity of influence that has led to her unique style today. Helen now works in acrylics and her process is intuitive. She layers paint over texture, using a minimum of brushwork, relying instead, on using tools and found items to create exciting and unpredictable effects.

Allen Cox

Abstract Artist: Allen Cox
Medium: Oil, Cold Wax in Alkyd
Website:  www.allencoxstudio.com

The 20th Century anthropologist and philosopher Claude Levi-Strauss has suggested that “… art lies on a continuum halfway between science and magic.” I like that idea. I try to paint with passion and intelligence. My work is spontaneous and intuitively generated. I create from a wide variety of sources, drawing on my own life experiences and interests. Mystery and revelation, history and myth, intuition and logic, dream and memory…these are polarities that compel and inform the heart of my work. They reflect the intent to both connect with the natural world and negotiate the constructed world; to illuminate the interior through an examination of the exterior; to reveal the unseen architecture of everyday life. My work is grounded in abstraction yet it avoids formalism. I try to generate paintings that will oscillate between the possibility of subjective reading and the work’s primary existence as an abstract presence.

Born in Eugene, Oregon in 1950, Allen Cox is a practicing Pacific Northwest contemporary painter. Cox has been showing his work nationally since 1982 and internationally since 2003. He holds an MFA in painting from the University of Oregon, where he studied with the highly regarded Pacific Northwest abstract painter Frank Okada. Cox worked as a field archaeologist and scientific illustrator for over 10 years in Oregon, experiences which profoundly influence his painting.

Allen Cox’s work has been featured in “New American Paintings: Artists of the West”, a profile video segment for the public television program Oregon Art Beat, the book “100 Artists of the West Coast”, various design journals and other visual media including book covers, CD covers, film and television. His paintings are found in numerous public, corporate and private collections throughout the US, as well as internationally. Cox has lived and worked in Oregon, New York and New Zealand. He currently resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. Allen Cox is represented by galleries in Portland, OR; Laguna Beach, CA; Knoxville, TN and Christchurch, New Zealand.

Nestor Toro

Abstract Art Painting by Nestor Toro

Abstract Artist: Nestor Toro
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.nestortoro.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/nestortoroLA

Art should take the viewer on an journey of discovery and adventure just as a plane ticket to an exotic destination. I want my art to be that ticket and take the viewer to a new place in their mind that they have never experienced before.

Nestor was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico in 1976. As a young man Nestor’s interest in art was fueled by the hours that he would spend at the museum of fine art in Ponce, Puerto Rico. It was there he was exposed to and developed a deep appreciation for the diversity of artistic styles and disciplines.

Another passion that would prove to have the most influence of all on him would be his love of travel. Nestor was always drawn to travel. He yearned to see the world and explore its vastness and to experience the adventure he knew existed off of the small tropical island he called home. He left the island at 16 for the mainland to pursue his love of travel and was educated and worked in the travel industry. His work allowed him the opportunity to do extensive world travel visiting over 20 countries and further exposing him to other cultures.

He has lived in Miami, Los Angeles, and has spent extended periods of time living out of the United States having lived for 1 year in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and most recently just returning from six years (2006 – 2012) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was during his time living in Buenos Aires that his creative inspiration was fully ignited as he was fueled by the vibrant and rich culture juxtaposed with the extremes of wealth and manic chaos with abject poverty, which coexist side by side. It was in this unique situation that his first paintings were created and evolved.

“I was always interested in art but something about this amazing city in South America really set me on this path of painting. I truly feel that travelling and leaving our comfort zones allows us to discover what our true passions are.” He continues, “Only then can we reach our potential and living in Buenos Aires changed me and challenged me to push myself in unexpected ways!”

When asked about where he gets inspiration for his creations he says, “I remember being at my father’s business. He worked with fiberglass, which is made mixing fluid resins together to create something entirely different than they start out as. I remember the way that the various resins would swirl and blend together forming complex and intricate patterns. This is very similar to the work I do when I overlay the fluid acrylics on canvas.”

He is also fascinated by the blending of colors and the fluidity and visual pleasure that come with observing the almost organic and natural flow of patterns. He recalls traveling deep inside Brazil and up the Amazon River to “Encontro das Aguas” which translates to “meeting of the waters”. This is an amazing natural phenomenon where the clear water of the river meets with the darker mineral laden water. For miles they flow side by side creating intricate patterns while slowly mixing in a fascinating ever-changing liquid dance of intricate patterns as they slowly mix. This is an amazing sight he says he will never forget!

Aquariums also influence him. He is fascinated with the harmonious flow and undulation of the tropical plants as they move with the current in the underwater world. This acts as a backdrop for the rich vibrant color of exotic tropical fish as they move in unison with coordinated fluid motion in schools, very reminiscent of the intricate almost organic fractal like patterns of the artworks that he creates.

Nestor’s paintings are abstract in style which leave the viewer free to experience the artwork threw the color combinations, brush strokes, and other special techniques. Nestor’s artwork is intended to be a visual experience that evokes a feeling of transport from the viewer. Just as his world travels have taken him physically to exotic foreign locations, which changed his perceptions, his artwork is intended to transport the viewer emotionally to another place for a similar experience that is different and unique for each viewer.

He is self-taught and works primarily with liquid acrylics, watercolors, and various inks in addition to many other mediums to create intricate works that lure the viewer in with the complexities of the color and pattern. His paintings are typically comprised of multiple layers of liquid acrylic that are combined using various techniques to create each unique painting. He often uses unconventional objects such as kitchen utensils in his work to manipulate the liquid acrylic.

Each work will go through multiple incarnations as it evolves with layers upon layers added and combined in increasing complexity. These patterns are similar to what he witnessed at the “meeting of the waters” deep in the Amazon. He has an innate eye for color combinations that seems to come directly from his subconscious mind, and gives each painting its own unique personality and presence with such visual depth that the viewer must experience it.

Nestor’s art has been exhibited numerous times in Buenos Aires at various venues and exhibitions during the six years he was living there. He has sold many pieces to private collectors in Buenos Aires. His tells us, “My hope is that those who own my work will enjoy them each time they view them and be transported to a mental landscape of contemplation and motivation.”

His work was most recently exhibited in 2012 at the famous exhibition, ArteBA, which is held each year in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is the largest contemporary art exhibition in all of South America and is attended by an estimated 120,000 people during the two-week event.

Nestor lives and works in Los Angeles, California with his partner and their two Chihuahuas, Iggy and Ginger.

Mo Tuncay

Abstract Art Painting by Mo Tuncay

Abstract Artist: Mo Tuncay
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.photoart-mmb.com
Etsy: www.etsy.com/shop/CrazyMo
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/muhammet.tuncay.549

I am self-taught artist and previously worked in pencil; however, I work now exclusively with acrylics. While I will paint a landscape on occasion, i prefers the freedom of abstracts. This freedom allows for great creativity, as i start with a blank canvas with no end result in mind. In this way, I am free to experiment with colors until I feel my unique creations are complete.

Susan J. Harris

Abstract Artist: Susan J. Harris
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Website:  www.sjharris.com

Since early childhood, my heart’s desire was to be an artist. I love to create art which conveys a message of encouragement. I begin with texture and color, applying layer upon layer, taking the initial inspiration in an ever-evolving direction. Each painting comes from the heart and becomes an exploration of identity, capturing mood, layers of emotions and the subconscious with an intentional purpose to evoke the viewer’s own interpretation. To me art is an individual expression of the inner self. In 2011 I noticed circles kept surfacing in many of my paintings. Circles in various sizes and colors seemed to have found their way onto several of my canvases. As I looked inwardly to discover why these circles kept appearing, I concluded that painting from the heart does indeed have a tendency to reveal who I am as an individual and an artist. To me, circles represent commitment and truth which are at the top of my list of important characteristics. At least one or more circles will be incorporated in each painting I create. They may be found in the painting or on the outer edge, pronounced or subtly embedded. The circles represent my promise to collectors that I have made every effort to produce the highest quality of art I can possibly achieve and to stay true to my commitment to paint from the heart.

Susan J. Harris lives in the Greater Piedmont Area of North Carolina where she resides with her husband and close to her two grown children. She has had eight years of art education consisting of five years of academic training and three years of private study under a professional artist. She continues her art education as opportunity permits. Susan’s art education and working with multi-media has provided her with a broad spectrum of understanding and appreciation for all aspects of art. Although she has produced artwork in numerous mediums over the years, her preference and fine art career is focused on acrylic mixed media abstract painting.

Susan has served as a juror for a fine art exhibition and on judge’s panels for multi-grade art fairs. She is an accomplished and internationally published mixed media artist. Her artwork has been published in BEST OF WORLDWIDE MIXED MEDIA ARTISTS, VOL.1 (2010); INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY OF ARTISTS (2011); and BEST OF THE BEST WORLDWIDE ARTISTS (2011). She maintains gallery representation and has exhibited in national juried shows, solo exhibits, museums and various galleries across the state of North Carolina. Her fine art can be found in private collections throughout the US and Canada.

Carmen Guedez

Abstract Art Painting "Dream" by Carmen Guedez

Abstract Artist: Carmen Guedez
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.carmenguedez.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Abstract-Paintings-by-Carmen-Guedez-wwwcarmenguedezcom/107856312580514

Abstract Art is my Passion. It opens my mind to new worlds. It delivers thoughts, experiences and feelings that can only be found in something you truly love. Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by art and the beauty surrounding me. From an early age, I was curious to explore art and was encouraged by my mother, a skilled painter herself. Paintings of all styles, especially those from masters like Oswaldo Vigas and Jesus Rafael Soto have been especially inspirational. Desire and years of practice and persistence led to my contemporary style. Influenced by Latin culture, I love to incorporate vivid and warm colors. By combining oil and acrylic paints with pastels, gels and mediums, I focus on creating simplicity and harmony. Most of my artworks possess intense 3-D texture to provide an individual perspective for each spectator. My paintings wrap seamlessly around the edge of the canvas and they can be hung on their own or framed to beautify any space.

Carmen Guedez was born and raised by a wonderful, modest family in Venezuela. As an artist and a teacher, her mother encouraged her to follow her passion. Carmen wanted to be a painter or pianist, but it did not seem practical. It was not always easy to make ends meet. In 1998 she earned a degree in Administration and Management and was awarded a government scholarship to study abroad. In 2002, she obtained a Masters in International Business from Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. As a business professional, Carmen dabbled in art when time permitted. But, it wasn’t until her son was born, that, as a stay-home mom she rediscovered her passion for art. She painted more than her walls could accommodate. Her path as an artist had finally crystalized. Today, Carmen is a full time artist based in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she is motivated by her loving husband and son. Her paintings are an exploration of ideas born from thoughts, experiences and feelings. Through her art, Carmen is seeking to create something meaningful by representing a personal vision of reality which is based on the wonder of the natural world. She is driven to transmit optimism and happiness in the mind of the viewer.

Caroline Ashwood

Abstract Art Painting by Caroline Ashwood

Abstract Artist: Caroline Ashwood
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.carolineashwood.co.uk
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/carolineashwoodart

Through my work, I am constantly exploring the relationship between colour, light and form. Even though it was drilled into me in my earliest formal art studies that drawing and draughtsmanship are of critical importance to serious artistic endeavour, it was only when I ventured away from literal points of reference that I began to discover the visceral impact to be enjoyed in the luminance, shapes and hues of glorious nature.

Caroline Ashwood was born in 1970 in Yorkshire where she spent many happy childhood hours painting and sketching in the bluebell woods near her home. Having shown a talent for drawing and creativity, she received formal art training as a graphic designer and a successful career in advertising with agencies like M&C Saatchi in London. Encouraged by a popular following and patronage for her artwork, she decided to paint full time in 2002. Her work is featured in many private collections worldwide and she has exhibited in galleries and shows throughout the UK and USA.

James Dinverno

Abstract Artist: James Dinverno
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.jamesdinverno.com

It’s a full figured celebration of the inner beauty that radiates from the soul. Take the vixen pin-up bombshells of Russ Meyer, add a pop twist of Murakami, plus a textural retro garnish of Peter Max, and wahla! Bon Appetite, the sensual ‘Moyea’ collection is served.

Emerging American artist James Dinverno currently creates at his Los Angeles studio. He received formal training at the Columbus College of Art and Design and is gaining notoriety in the European art market with his recent ‘Moyea’ collection. A bold, visceral palette of form and color has anchored James as a visual alchemist among his collectors.  James is a published author; ‘Sanctum’, Minerva Press, London, UK; with recent verse and prose in ‘The American Drivel Review’ Vol. 5 Number 1 Summer 2008 edition. Prior exhibits of his artwork and travels in Greece have inspired him to create the ‘MOYEA’ collection (muse in Greek). Within this body of work, James explores the mythical lure of the nine Greek Muses in a graphically bold, contemporary context. Curvaceous, linear women, layered over explosive tonal collage, charm the viewer into the sensual power that radiates from the female form. James has opened the collection into exploring the multi ethnic muse of China, Japan, Korea, and India. Revealing the interplay of enlightened desire and inspiration is the bemusement in ‘MOYEA’.

Dan Cope

Abstract Artist: Dan Cope
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.absolutearts.com/portfolios/d/dancope

Abstract art happens inside the viewer. When an abstract piece is viewed,it appears as only lines and shapes and colors.  If the viewer lets the imgination run free then the art has more personal meaning.The abstract image is only a doorway to another world.  If the viewer chooses to go through the doorway the reward is a rich visual experience that is unique to the individual.  There is more to it than meets the eye.  It can have a healing effect.I paint for my own healing.  When I share my art with others, they seem to feel the same.

Dan Cope is a sixty year old man who has painted all his life.  He has never had any lessons.  It all comes straight from the heart.  He has shown in various small venues, cafes, coffee shops, etc.  He has also had some gallery shows as well, both group and solo.  Dan Cope has three collectors of his work so far.  He has never heard a negative comment about his work and so is encouraged to do more.

M&M Bülow

Abstract Art Photo Art Painting by M&M Bülow

Abstract Artist: M&M Bülow
Medium: Photo Art Painting
Website: www.photoart-mmb.com
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/artphotommb

We create by real painting and photography our works of art! Passion and dedication to photography and painting! This is our determination! I was 20 years music producer at universal music, sony music, warner, projects such cybersecrecy along with “new order” singer a singel “crystal”! 5 years now with my artist wife together in picture (photo and painting).

Arthur Jacob

Abstract Artist: Arthur Jacob
Medium: Photography
Website: www.arthur-jacob.com

Throughout my life I have always had a greater visual sense about how the world looked versus other senses. This visual dominance in perceiving the world has profoundly affected my work as an artist. My art offers an infinite variety of visual perceptions and interpretations for the viewer. The viewer is told what the “real Life” image is in the title of the piece, but through abstraction and reconstruction of that image, the viewer is then asked and challenged to explore the shapes, colors, movements and forms, which the abstraction and reconstruction presents. Colors and shapes become emotion, while form and movement become attitude. Even when a work is easily recognized there is still a predominate thread of color, movement, shape and form. The techniques to achieve these photographic abstractions and reconstructions are a thoughtful and purposeful digital manipulation. Using a mouse rather than a brush to achieve a powerful medium of expression and communication creates this style of fine art.

Prior to retiring in 2000 and devoting all of his time to photography and digital art, Arthur Jacob’s professional career encompassed activities from social services to becoming involved with marketing, promotion and public relations in three large healthcare corporations. He later became the publisher of a small publishing house in Minneapolis that focused on adult and children’s books that addressed many types of family issues. After leaving the work-a-day world, he moved from Portland to Las Vegas. It was there that he began to promote myself as a serious artist focusing on creativity with photography and digital art. In 2008 Arthur decided to return to the Portland area via Coos Bay where he presently resides. He also has a strong belief that one should be involved in the communities they live in. Putting this belief in to action, Arthur Jacob has actively served on several community boards and committees, most recently, the Contemporary Arts Collective in Las Vegas and the Coos Bay Art Museum in Oregon.

Francesco Lipani


Abstract Artist: Francesco Lipani
Medium: Mixed Media
Contact Email: francescolipani@yahoo.it
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/francesco.lipani.56

Only recently I approached the informal painting, but it was for me like a thunderbolt: I’m in love with it, it gives me joy.  It gives me strength, energy, and joy…energy is what I use in my paintings.

Francesco Lipani was born in 1956. Lives in Livorno, Tuscany (Italy). He completed his classical studies, and a few years of studying medicine, his work is pharmaceutical representative, but has always painted. For years his painting was influenced by the great Tuscan masters of the late twentieth century, “Macchiaioli”. Then moved to his own personal style, always figurative, which he termed dreamlike”. Recently he approached the informal painting, participating already in several exhibitions. His paintings are in private collections and passionate buyers.

Stephanie Shank

Abstract Artist: Stephanie Shank
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed media
Website: www.stephanieshank.com 

My work is the crystallization of the human experience based on what seems tangible and what remains to be grasped. I don’t try to create a specific thing, maybe just convey a feeling or a memory. My intent is to sustain an authentic vision and identity; my desire is to continue to create paintings that emotionally and psychologically charge the viewer out of normal habits of seeing.

Stephanie Shank’s intense passion to convey the beauty that surrounds all of us has manifested in the luscious colorations and harmony seen in her abstract expressionist paintings. Born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1954, she excitedly watched her artist mother work at her craft and discovered magic in the luminousity and depth of “that thickly applied oil paint”.

Ms. Shank paints primarily on wood panel which allows her to utilize a variety of tools to “make a mark of meaning”. The vitality of her surfaces reveal vigorous and highly potent color compositions instilling nature recollected and eliciting a sense of mysterious knowing. Her explorations of form and composition, color and gesture give rise to a compelling language of abstraction where her ideas and feelings about the inner life are projected through organic shapes and energetic brushstrokes. Ms. Shank is currently represented by galleries in Arizona and New Mexico.

Linda Sherman

Abstract Artist: Linda Sherman
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.PaintingsByLindaSherman.com

I love putting paint on the canvas. I scrape, squirt and rub the surface until I get what I want. For me, the medium IS the message. Painting is also all about the process of discovery. I might have something in mind when I start a canvas, but in reacting to each mark made, I often wind up in a very different place from where I started. Having been a graphic designer for so many years, composition and structure are very important to me as well as surface texture and color. The act of making images like this is freedom, meditation, and critical to my satisfaction in life.

Linda attended college at Carnegie Mellon University where she earned a BFA in graphic design. Her interest in abstraction flows naturally from being a designer. After beginning her design career in 1970, Linda started her own business in 1977. In 2008, she retired to pursue her interest in painting. Besides fine arts classes at CMU, Linda has studied at Montgomery College and with private instructors, including Skip Lawrence. She is currently taking open studio at the Delaplaine Center in Frederick, MD with Calvin Edward Ramsburg.

Kendall Hurley

Abstract Artist: Kendall Hurley
Medium: Acrylic
Website: www.kendallhurleygallery.com

My passion is abstract art and my life’s goal is to have all people share this passion. I am a solo artist and my chosen form of expression is ‘abstract’. The method with which I paint is called ‘Acrylic Blend’. Acrylic Blend is the chemical manipulation and layering of acrylic paint. I am proud to be the creator of this technique, which produces unique and spectacular results.  My paintings are an incomparable combination of colour and texture, with almost a three-dimensional quality to them. The importance of colour and texture is very evident in my work. I consider it my responsibility to ensure that each painting is always professionally finished to the highest standard.  I am not a prolific painter and most often work on just one or two paintings at a time. Occasionally, I will work on several paintings, if some of the pieces require exceptionally long drying times between applications. I feel that focusing my attention, in this manner, pays homage to both the painting and its collector. My personal philosophy is that you can be good or fast, but not both. I feel art should evoke a positive, emotional response and it is my greatest hope to be successful towards that end.

Kendall Hurley is a Canadian artist who resides in the Niagara Region of Ontario. Kendall was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario and is a graduate of The Sault College of Applied Arts & Technology.  Kendall’s artistic career began in her youth and, by her early teen years she was making and selling jewellery. Over the years Kendall has tried her hand at most artistic endeavors, including teaching art at many public schools throughout Ontario.  Kendall is known, internationally, for her work in abstract art. She has developed an intriguing painting technique known as ‘Acrylic Blend’. Acrylic Blend is achieved by the chemical manipulation and layering of acrylic paint. This method is one that no one else has been able to duplicate.

On March 15, 2007 Kendall’s painting, ‘Unbroken’, became a successful candidate in a world-wide competition held by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. In March of 2008 the AAOS celebrated their 75th Anniversary and, as a part of that celebration, ‘Unbroken’ was included in a month-long group show in San Francisco. It was also included in a coffee table book and a web site/on-line museum. The web site/on-line museum is still available today.  Kendall Hurley’s painting, ‘Unbroken’ is now the property of The Sick Kids Foundation. Upon completion of ‘The Dr. Robert B. Salter Wing’ in 2013, Kendall ’s painting will have the honour of hanging in the entranceway joining the new wing with the hospital. The Hospital For Sick Children is located at 555 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Kendall Hurley has paintings in the permanent collection of The Sick Kids Foundation, The Timmins Museum: National Exhibition Centre and in
many private collections world-wide. She shows, frequently, in galleries and venues throughout the Niagara Region and the Greater Toronto Area, including Toronto’s Distillery District. In the Niagara Region Kendall’s work can be seen, on a year-round basis, at Chateau Des Charmes Wines, located in Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario.  Kendall Hurley is a proud supporter of The Sick Kids Foundation/The Dr. Robert B. Salter Initiative.

Tara Pasher


Abstract Artist: Tara Pasher
Medium: Acrylic, Oil, Mixed Media
Website: www.tarapasher.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TaraPashersArt

My art works flow from my heart. I paint will colors and utilize textures which express that. It’s an intuitive process from start to finish which reflects why I don’t follow a particular style. Being able to share my paintings has been a very humbling experience and I am very grateful. Thank you for your interest in my art!

Tara Pasher is a self-taught professional artist from Stoney Creek Ontario who discovered her passion for art at a very young age. Her paintings incorporate bold colors and heavy amounts of texture. She loves to work with a wide range of mediums including acrylics, oil, birch bark and sand. Her paintings belong to art lovers in Australia, Canada and The United States. Tara is currently being represented by a fine art gallery, and has had much success selling from her studio and online.

Cathe Hendrick

Abstract Artist: Cathe Hendrick
Medium: Mixed Media
Website: www.cathehendrick.com 

Painting and drawing for me is reflecting and recording, organizing thoughts and feelings about a time, a place or an experience. It is about making an observation and expanding it to create a new idea or creating an unusual perspective.

Cathe’s work is currently represented in Michigan, Chicago, Toronto, and Houston. Cathe has an BA in Art Education and an MA in Painting.

Drew Wood

Abstract Artist: Drew Wood
Medium: Mixed Media
Website:  www.DrewWoodArt.com

My use of color, texture, and form is an expression of my current state of mind; I paint what I feel. Sometimes I will have a preconceived idea of what I want to create. But usually, my most fulfilling artwork is when a mistake or accident flows onto the canvas. My goal is to elicit an emotional response from the viewer.  And that might be complete exhilaration or wretchedness. As long as the piece is affecting the viewer, I feel my work as an artist has been achieved. I’m heavily influenced by those whose art makes me wonder what motivated them to create the piece and to ponder how they crafted something expressive out of paint and everyday materials. The mystery of the technique. The transformation of rough objects or mundane goods into a work of fine art. Molding old, discarded items–used and thrown away–into something new, unique, or beautiful is what drives me as an artist.

Born and raised in rural Missouri and residing in Los Angeles since 1997, Wood’s art represents a melding of the abstract and contemporary—indicative of city life and pop culture—with the damaged and primitive that resides in the landscape of small towns across America. In the works of Drew Wood, this purged stagnation has at last found a canvas. Wood recently earned a master’s degree from California State University, Los Angeles and holds a B.A. in anthropology from UCLA. He credits his formal studies in art history, as well as anthropology and archeology, as universal influences on both the style and themes of his work; his passion lies in creating art by breathing new life into objects that have been weathered or discarded. Evident through the use of artifacts, bones, and symbols, his themes often revolve around contrasting cultures, locations, and lifestyles. Wood’s art originates from within, flowing outward, rather than vice versa. Through a process of trial, error, experimentation, and growth, he has developed a distinct presence as an abstract artist specializing in color and mixed media. Wood’s trademark style fuses vibrant oil and acrylics, gels, and resins as well as a variety of encaustic materials and found objects. Viscerally drawn to texture and color, the emotion wrung from the artist cannot help but be elicited in the viewer.

Lindsay Cowles

Abstract Artist: Lindsay Cowles
Medium: Oil
Website: www.lindsaycowlesart.blogspot.com

I am a self taught abstract artist working in primarily oils and acrylics. My inspiration comes from experiences in life–places I’ve been, places i want to go, nature, people, thoughts, feelings. All of my work is organic in nature and inspiration. I am always experimenting with mediums, textures, shapes, movement and technique.

After living for a combined 8 years in NYC and LA, Lindsay Cowles has relocated back to her hometown of Richmond, VA to paint full time. Inspiration comes from all of the cities she has lived in, places she has traveled, interior design and nature.

“My art is inspired by raw texture, movement and color. Fundamental elements of my works are focused in the interplay of color and the layering and texturing of the paints. Each painting’s composition develops organically as the work moves through each layer and stage, until it is complete”
She work with private collectors and interior designers across the country and ships anywhere in the world. Many of her private collectors are located in New York, Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Austin, Philadelphia and Richmond.

Not only does she produce original oil paintings, but also produces a high end collection of prints on stretched canvas, as well as fabrics and wallpapers. Fabrics and wallpapers can be found on spoonflower.com/profiles/lindsay_cowles