About Us

AbstractArtistGallery.org was created in a collaborative effort in order to present a vast online collection of the very best abstract artists of our day.  Simplicity is the key to presenting such a collection to the world, where the main page is an updated gallery index of all our juried artists.  We do not sell original artwork of our artists, but rather serve as a central hub that channels artist with audience by promoting members artwork through organic search results and social media.  We introduced the Abstract Artist Gallery in early 2011 and are already becoming a wonderful and diverse resource for artists, art collectors, and students.

AbstractArtistGallery.org was brought to life with a vision and the desire of other abstract artists that wanted to be a part.  It is a gathering of common vibes in a simple visual display, serving as a means to presenting our work with the world. – Jaison Cianelli, Artist & Website Owner


Why We Are Unique

It is our main focus to exhibit an expansive range of artwork from talented abstract artists through the most eloquent and efficient means possible.  In addition to creating a listing for each artist and featuring them on the main page, we include one piece of their work in the Main Gallery and include all their work in the Browse All Art section.  These important sections serve as an effective way for visitors to visually browse through artwork and then connect with the artist.  Other key features are a search engine optimized listing with a link to the artist’s website and Facebook page.  To further broaden the awareness of the gallery we have implemented social sharing tools into the site and publish artists on our Facebook page and our Twitter page which both have a large fan base.  We also have an email subscription form that notifies potential art collectors and business owners when we add a new artist to the site.

Every aspect of the site allows for interconnected exposure so that artist listings do not become stale and unnoticed over time.   There is an “Browse Other Artists” section below each individual listing to encourage further visual browsing.   Also, artist listings cycle through the site for equal visibility.  This means that older artist listings gradually revolve to appear on the main page of our website, the Abstract Artists section, and the Main Gallery.  In addition we host a yearly abstract art contest to further connect and bring excitement to the gallery while enriching it with new artwork and giving recognition to the abstract artist.

We are proud of the work of our artists and are happy to accept new artists on an ongoing basis.   By looking through the site you can see and feel the connection that the artists all have.  It is this collective expression that relates to the world the purpose of the abstract artist and opens up the idea to what these wonderfully creative people are really doing.  Click here to view some of our testimonials.


Open Call For Abstract Artists

All living abstract artists are encouraged to submit for inclusion in our database of talented artists. Not all artists are accepted. If accepted the artist receives a spot in our premiere online gallery. In exchange, all we ask is a contribution to AbstractArtistGallery.org in the amount that the artist can afford.  In instances where artists cannot contribute financially we ask that they place our link on their website or social media site, or help out in some other way.


How We Select Our Artists

AbstractArtistGallery.org is run by artist Jaison Cianelli, who with the help of a handful of professional artists and friends, voluntarily juror artists into the site and continually update the gallery with new artists.  We are open to artists from around the world who produce abstract art in any medium – including mixed media, photography, paint, and digital mediums. The artist must exhibit great skill, have an authentic and distinct style, and be able to express creativity and imagination with particular passion. We are especially drawn to art that is emotive or expresses energy and feelings that are more inline with the positive, Divine, and universal qualities inspired by nature and the human consciousness.


Help Our Cause

If you would like to help in our efforts, we encourage you to do so by simply telling others about AbstractArtistGallery.org.  Please tell your friends and other artists about our website. You can recommend our content very easily by using the social sharing tools located on each page.   And please consider following us on Facebook and Twitter.  Thank you!