About Abstract Artists

Abstract artists carry with them a mysterious unifying quality, the use and the exploration of the imagination. Since the advances of science and technology impacted society in the 1800s so greatly, artists found themselves taking the steps toward expressing the mind of man. It would seem the fast intrusive pace of the world and the capacity for destruction through war had people searching for a balance.  As if to go backwards in time, artists explored ancient and indigenous cultures to find inspiration that would lead them towards creating a new visual language, abstract art. Abstract artists felt that their paintings did not have to only portray the recognizable things of the world. Their paintings did not show people, or animals, or even places that others could recognize. These abstract forms and non-objective painting styles were not well received. There are those that cannot grasp the idea that art can express the unseen. It is now that that there is a widening acceptance of this art form of the inner psyche.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion in this matter. People are accustomed to their ways, forming beliefs and ideas based off of their own unique perspective. At the same time, as long as there is free will, there is nothing that can stop the imagination from manifesting itself in culture.  And whether accepted or not, there is nothing that can ever take away the abstract artist of the indigenous people and the abstract artist of today.  The expression of the mind and consciousness will unfold a journey in the arts with an incalculable, unending rhythm unto its own. The future is uncertain with mystery, and change is inevitable. A closer look at the abstract artist and their work will reveal this very nature which is explored through their great mysterious imaginations.